Integrated coaching with Shannon has prepared me to be a more focused, fun and celebrated person in life. Shannon’s integrated coaching style puts you at ease and makes you feel confident to try new adventures. I have experienced significant business growth as a direct result of Shannon’s coaching. There is nothing better than increasing a capacity for life and impact with an integral coach that purveys accountability and celebration along the way.
— Hannah
Shannon’s coaching has been transformational. I am attracting a richer life with new interests and connections. From practicing yoga regularly to reading amazing books, I now focus my time on being happy and healthy. I am blessed to know Shannon and would not have been able to do this without her guidance!
— Cindy
Shannon helped me find and refine the tools I needed to journey in the direction of congruence. She helped to shine a light on a worn-out narrative that I carried about myself and how I engaged with life. Her thoughtful approach to our sessions gave me the space to ask hard questions, set boundaries and cultivate mindfulness.
— Keitha
When I began meeting with Shannon, I knew that I had work to do, but had no idea how much growth I had the power to manifest in my life, nor how much I had strayed from my spiritual path. From exploring my purpose to learning about enneagram types, embodiment, journaling and reading across multiple subjects, I have gained such a different perspective and outlook on life that was with me all along. I am incredibly grateful for Shannon’s leadership and support throughout this process and know that this work is ever-evolving. It’s a constant practice and the tools I’ve gained through coaching have been and will continue to be invaluable.
— McKenzie
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